Weight Loss Wed–Fitbit Ultra evaluation

I’ve got a fun gear evaluation for Weight Loss Wednesday – The Fitbit Ultra. Fitbit is a wireless activity tracker that tracks your steps, mileage as well as calories burned. It retails for $99.95 offered on the internet as well as in stores.

You can set up with your name – RunEatRepeat doesn’t in shape so I went with choice B. (Sometimes I fail to remember I have one more name…)
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The set up was super simple – it took less than five minutes for me to plug it in, update it with my info as well as set up my on the internet account (A great deal easier than the body bugg!). You set up your account as well as input your personal information to provide it a much better concept of the calories you shed with activity.

It includes a little charging gadget that plugs into your computer. But, you do not requirement to plug it in to update your info on the internet – as long as you come within 15 feet of the docking station it updates! *Love this element as well – again, easier than the body bugg.

This was my reading after just setting it up:

I didn’t put it on up until mid-morning yesterday so I didn’t hit all my goals for the day.

This was my reading at the end of the day:

*I appreciate that it updates your dashboard immediately when you get close to the docking station. I didn’t have to do anything except refresh the page to get my results!

But, you don’t even requirement to do that – just press the button the front as well as it tells you steps, mileage as well as calorie count.

I used it on my run this morning as well as it was a bit generous on the mileage. I ran 8 miles as well as walked a bit, however it was about a half a mile over (compared to my Moto’s reading). I’m going to keep comparing to see if it’s consistently 1/2 off or if it varies based on distance.


Small, discreet pedometer as well as calorie counter

You can inspect in with your development anytime – no computer needed.

No monthly charge to utilize on the internet system!

A great deal easier to utilize as well as set up than the Body Bugg.

Online neighborhood as well as other tools.


Not as precise as GPS mileage trackers (Garmin, Moto, other)

Measurements based on motion only (not heart rate, sweat levels, oxygen consumption)

Overall, I’m a fan. It’s super simple to utilize as well as I like that I can inspect in whenever I want to see if I requirement to up my steps to get to 10,000 each day!

Fitbit Ultra was sent for me to review. All evaluations on RER are my own opinions. I have a great deal of opinions on  fancy vehicles too, in situation any type of business are reading this…

Question: Do you wear a pedometer or similar device? exactly how many steps do you aim for every day?

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