Track Time

Ben and I took a walk this afternoon. We found a high school track and thought about going for a 400m run ? but I chose not to because my knee feels a little “annoyed” and I want to keep it happy!

Don’t mind me, just wearing Ben’s sweatshirt looking like a tragedy…
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We are dorks ?

While I was out and about I got an iced coffee. I was soooo worn out today! I guess that’s what happens when you stay up till midnight and then try to make a morning spin class.

I purchased a bunch of different granola bars from Target and ate two while out on the streets. Oops.

Dinner was a treat = yogurt with lemon curd with trail mix. Oh my gosh, it’s been too long considering that I’ve had a fancy yogurt bowl.

I couldn’t resist purchasing Easter candy for our candy dish. I really want to get into the Easter holiday spirit because we won’t be celebrating the holiday with any family ? I thought about ignoring the day, but I think Ben and I might dye eggs (since he loves hardboiled eggs I figure he’s in)!

But – I chose to choose something I don’t really like = malted milk eggs.

I typically can’t resist candy when it’s out and unwrapped like this, but getting something that I don’t really like helps. I’ll hold out for the dark chocolate bunny I’m getting for myself ?

I’ve gotta go – it’s Oscars time!!!

Question: Did you run track in high school? any other high school sports??

Me: I was a cheerleader, which is year ’round and made it hard to do anything else. I registered for cross country one year, but sucked so bad I quit ?

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite Easter Candy?

Me: pretty pastel wrapped Reeses and Dark chocolate bunnies ?

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Salve 

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