Ice Cubes That tell You When You’re Drunk

Hello! How’s your week going?

Mine is great because I went to sushi and got some candy. Estrondo.
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Bad runs happen – here’s how I moved past it and learned from my next run. suggestion to help you become a better runner by being a neutral observer of your workouts.

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But can someone please discuss to me why this is called “Fun Size”? There is nothing fun about smaller candy.

Qualquer maneira.

Last night I went out for Taco Sushi Tuesday.

I got a lot of questions through Instagram on my dress.  It is a really flattering style! It’s from Charlotte Russe here are similar options: dress 1 similar cut / dress 2 similar cut with a fun back

This baked lobster roll made my life.

Then I was sipping Fireball for the remainder of the evening with these cool MAGIC ice cubes!!!

Have you heard of Magic Ice Cubes? They tell you when you’re drunk!!

Well, they don’t tell you out right, but when you first start drinking you’re like, “These ice cubes are cool…so like I was saying about…”

You know you’re drunk when you’re like, “WOWWWWWAH! TÃO LEGAL.” (And you proceed to just stare at them for 20 minutes.)

This morning I went for a run but my ankle is randomly tight. It’s still tight best now too?! I feel like I need some active release therapy because it’s not a sharp pain, just feels jammed up, ya know?

After my run I made the most epic breakfast sandwich with frozen waffles. Back in the day I used to celebrate Waffle Wednesday like it was religious holiday. Sadly, that has gotten away from me but I made up for it today:

Waffles, turkey bacon, egg whites – dipped in Sriracha and syrup. sim e sim.

Apparently today is national cat Day so vegas is getting himself cleaned up for the occasion…

Question: Tacos or Sushi?? Voto.

Envie -me a pasta de trabalho

Salve 

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