The World’s finest Cereal Eater contest expose

Hello! I am in Minneapolis for the very first annual general Mills cereal eating contest*. business reps invited me to go to their headquarters as well as in spite of the 1 degree temperature (seriously) I happily accepted considering that cereal is my preferred thing in the world.

This morning I got up bright as well as early to do 5 miles on the treadmill. I am not a huge fan of treadmills any type of longer (I utilized to run on them exclusively!) however I am even less a fan of freezing to death so I made it work.
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I was truly expecting the guy v. Food person as well as other food contest champions to go to the festivities. But, it was a lot of other bloggers! Estrondo. I understood I had this contest in the bag.

We started with a excursion of the general Mills headquarters.

It is a truly quite school with whatever from a Caribou Coffee to a fitness center to a store to a medical center for it’s employees. incredibly fancy.

By the time the excursion was over my tummy was rumbling as well as I was prepared to, “Let the cereal eating commence!” <- I may have yelled that a few times over the program of the morning. We were greeted with tons of cereal, milk as well as toppings options. considering that I’m a blog writer / eater / food enthusiast / soon-to-be-cereal-eating-contest-winner I believed it was only fair that I try all of THEM. You know, for research study purposes. Mrs. Betty Crocker herself looked down upon me approvingly as I ate my method with every cereal from chocolate Chex to Kix to Cinnamon toast crunch to Fiber One. I understood if she was still to life she would have been proud.** Even though I think about my blog writer buddies foodies, nobody provided me any type of competition in the cereal eating extravaganza! But, I still wished to make sure I had a truly huge lead so I truly went for it… WINNER of the very first ever RER Cereal eating contest = Monican*** Lucky as well as Buzz came out to congratulate me as well as everything. I desire the prize was a set up such as this in my home – it’s seriously what I dream about… But even if the honor is just in name alone I proudly hold the title. Maybe I must get it embroidered on my Cheerios sweatshirt so the world knows… Fun fact: I am using this sweatshirt now at the flight terminal as well as the TSA safety person said, “Where’s the cereal?!” as well as I said, “I ate it ALL!” . since it’s true. *There is no such contest, however if there was I would absolutely win. ** Betty Crocker has never been alive, she is a spokesperson kinda character however not real. ***RER cereal eating contest produced by, participated by, judged by: Monican. It’s my objective in life to produce as well as win a cereal and/or watermelon eating contest at some point. Question: What is your preferred cereal? Do you eat cereal as a breakfast or as a snack? Envie -me a pasta de trabalho Salve  Compartilhar é se importar! Compartilhar Tweet Alfinete Compartilhar Correspondência Compartilhar Continue optando por estes: Pizza Giveaway on Run eat Repeat Instagram info Pizza Giveaway on Run eat Repeat Instagram info There’s a new Run eat Repeat Podcast up now! as well as the new Running friend function starts with Kaleena. In honor of her ‘VicConcurso de traje em execução Concurso de traje em execução Concurso de traje em execução. Conquistar o concurso privado ou parceiro ou de fantasia de grupo. O melhor concurso de traje em execução no Instagr Envie noobina, bem como alimentos para a semana de 6 de outubro Envie noobina, bem como alimentos para a semana de 6 de outubro Isso é quente. Hoje é o Dia Nacional de Noodle! Agora estou desejando ramen !! As férias de comida para esta semana são: Sun - National No Correndo em Marco Island Florida 2021 Correndo em Marco Island Florida 2021 Onde correr em Marco Island Florida. Executando ideias para viajar, bem como viagens de praia de verão. Florida Run Blog e Instagram Live-q & a Session, bem como outra diversão em fuga! Instagram Live-q & a Session, bem como outra diversão em fuga! Olá! Como tá indo? Só desejava inspecionar, assim como o estado oi ... oi! bem como atualizar você na corrida atual, bem como comer acontecendo Executar apreciar bandas, velha marinha de treino, bem como muito mais perguntas Executar apreciar bandas, velha marinha de treino, bem como muito mais perguntas Eu estou respondendo suas preocupações da caixa de história do @RunEreTreat Instagram! Estamos cobrindo tópicos em execução como exatamente como prever ⚡ por shareavolic. .


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