Dry Shampoo, Gut Health, Running in Canada as well as much more concerns from IG stories

Hello! I’m answering your concerns from Instagram on running, eating, charm as well as gut health and wellness – what a mix of topics we cover!! That’s exactly how you understand we’re buddies – we can talk about anything as well as whatever from hair to toe… or ought to I state hair to gut? These are the notes on my answers – you can view it on video right here or in my stories.

If you have a concern for me – make sure you’re complying with Run eat Repeat on Instagram as well as leave it in the stories concern box. (In my stories not routine feed I publish a box where you can type in a concern a few times a week.) Or email RunEatRepeat@gmail.com as well as put blog concern in the subject line.
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Your concerns on gut health, dry shampoo, my present training routine as well as more. inspect out the publish for my favorites as well as other tips. plus – a guest star appearance by Diego my puppy!

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What type of dry shampoo do you recommend? (I got a great deal of concerns on this as well as stated the name wrong in the video however wished to at least provide it a quick mention as well as I’ll response in Insta stories soon.)

Monica: Yes! I stated the wrong name in the video a number of times since I didn’t have it with me to inspect so I cut that out as well as will do a new video with it soon. however because a number of people asked I want to mention it…

My preferred dry shampoo best now:

Aveeda dry Shampure is the powder dry shampoo – fantastic as well as truly makes oily hair look not oily (for lack of a much better term?) as well as it provides a great deal of volume. I believe it makes me look like I have major huge HAIR. (Citation: )

Are you familiar with gut health? Do you take anything to enhance your microbiome?

Monica: I don’t do anything particularly however do eat foods with probiotics, I have taken probiotics (Align as well as one more one)  in the past however am not taking them best now.

Check out this publish with line up probiotics if you want much Camisola Urawa Red Diamonds more information on that kind.

What’s your regular mileage? Do you comply with any type of schedule?

Monica: best now it’s about 30 miles a week however I choose to keep it around 50 miles a week – I’ve just been slacking it huge time.

What is a great coming back from injury Camisola Valencia game plan?

Monica: I feel like I requirement much more info to response this – What injury did you have? What was your physical fitness before? Did you see a physician or physical therapist about it?

If you’re currently injured or trying to prevent injury listen to my interview with The Run Experience trainer Nate for tips.

What type of underclothing do you run in? Comando?

Monica: See this publish about running in underclothing – Run eat Repeat Running in underclothing poll as well as podcast

Okay what’s your skincare routine? Not makeup, just the process of eliminating makeup and…

Monica: I take off my makeup with an oil based product or directly up oil. My long time preferred was to utilize infant oil to take off any type of water resistant mascara or eyeliner. Then, laundry with Cetaphil or Trader Joe’s cleanser. as well as comply with that up with moisturizer.

I still utilize oil when I requirement to take off water resistant products however lately it’s coconut oil or other deal with oils.

Lately I’ve been utilizing elegant products:

 Dr. Dennis Gross peel Pads – for resurfacing Camisola FC Tokyo as well as avoiding wrinkles however it’s expensive as well as you have to be extremely cautious with sensitive skin as well as utilizing sunscreen when you’re out in the sun.

You ought to comply with that up with serum as well as moisturizer. I’ve utilized the Dr. Gross serum as well as likewise like the Murad serum as well as anything with vitamin C.

I have a listing of a few of my favorites on Amazon right here – My Skincare favorites

Do you run in Canada?

I haven’t run in Canada yet – however it’s on the list.

[Insert a number of dating concerns here]
Monica: I’ll talk about this soon.

Love you as well (to the person who composed a extremely wonderful concern on this).

Question: throwing it back to ya – do you have a concern for me?

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