The search for the best Donut A case study

alternate titles: ‘Dunkin Donuts vs. local Donut Shop’ OR ‘The many essential blog post I’ve ever written’

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If you’re been reading this lil ol’ running / eating / random blog for much more than a hot minute you might be aware that I’m obsessed with iced coffee.

The thing is, I got obsessed with Dunkin Donuts iced coffee when I lived in Maryland for a minute a few years back. Then, winter season hit and I brought my Mexican ass back to SoCal where it belongs. but there were NO Dunkin Donuts in SoCal!??!!?&!%$!!

Until recently that is… specifically this past September. now my beloved Dunkin is actually just a few miles from my parents’ house! SIM!!

So, I’ve been looking forward to this day for years. It took me this long to get a Dunkin coffee because I typically visit them in the afternoon and haven’t been feeling the IC past 3pm as of late.

Qualquer maneira.

I finally got my precious Dunkin today!

But wait – there’s more.

Since I talk about Dunkin Donuts non-stop my fam assumed that I liked their donuts. Não. I don’t really think they have the best donuts actually, which is very sad.

Of course my lil brother didn’t believe me. and because I am viewing him today we chose to do a taste test comparison of Dunkin Donuts and my local Donut Shop’s treats.

First, I stopped at my favorite local donut shop and purchased a glazed and a cake donut. Then, I hit up DD and got the same.

Four donuts is too numerous for one person?

I DO-NUT give a fudge.

Dunkin Donuts vs. local Donut shop review Vlog

The results of this very scientific study are in the video review below:

Question: What is your favorite kind of donut?

I share mine in the video!

Envie -me a pasta de trabalho

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