Two new products Tuesday

delighted Tuesday I started my day with boot camp. I’m very delighted it’s been warmer this week so it’s not dark and cold outside!!

Then, I came straight home thinking about breakfast all the way. I’m shocked at how hungry I by the time I get home even though it’s not even 7am yet?! guess an early wake up call indicates an early stomach growling.
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Marathon training Day 3

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While I was cooking breakfast (for me and Ben) I ate some of this Fullbar the company sent me to try. I’ve been Camisola Paris Saint-Germain chomping on these in between meals here and there when I need a quick snack. I don’t like that they are marketed to be a weight loss bar, because their stats are similar to so lots of other bars out there so a “normal” audience can appreciate it too ? but I do like that they’re light and tasty to help hold off hunger if you’re busy – especially if you have it with a glass of water as the package says. You check out the Fullbar FB page here.

I also chomped on some of these funky Monkey banana snacks. They are surprisingly good!

I have a writing task and some evening clients. So, I’ll see ya later

Envie -me a pasta de trabalho

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