Marathon training Week 4 Running, eating as well as reading Updates

Hello! Is it week 4 of Marathon Training? It may be week 5. I lost count since I usually count down from 18 weeks of training (or nevertheless long the training routine is for that race). Luckily, I just paused this publish to update my training routine with a count of the weeks going up as well as down. Estrondo.

Now I’m sharing an update on what I ran this week. plus – What I listened to while running with recommendations.

Marathon training Week 4

Marathon training Week 4 – RUNNING

I ran the surf City half Marathon last weekend so I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d feel this week as well as was available to changing up my training routine if I needed additional simple days or rest. before I realized there was a half marathon on Saturday I’d organized some speed work into Monday’s run. But, I skipped that as well as did 5 miles simple to inspect in with my body.

My foot felt a lil tight however didn’t hurt. I decided to err on the side of caution as well as keep it simple except for the 2 runs that are the most important = tempo as well as long run. So, this week’s running appeared like this:

M – 5 miles easy

T – 3 miles simple / S&C

W – speed Run

Th – stamina & Condition

F – 4 miles simple / S&C

S – 15 miles long Run

Sun- Rest

I likewise did some stamina as well as conditioning on Tuesday as well as Friday. Sunday was a total day of rest since I had an early visit to get a body scan (more on this later).

Overall: It was a great week. as well as I see a great deal of space for improvement. I have a super tight hamstring on one side that needs additional time as well as interest – so I requirement to begin earlier or make time to do that later in the day.

After my long run I made a magic drink with all my preferred runner healing drink supplements. I usually am not hungry after a long run, particularly on a hot day – however it’s important to eat and/or drink something within 30 minutes after your run. I usually make a smoothie however decided to try this combo Satuday.

Running recuperate drink mixes (pictured above):

Vital performance recuperate – I’m not in like with the Guava Lime flavor as well as would suggest the Lemon Grape instead.

Primal kitchen area Collagen Quench – like this flavor alone or mixed with almost any type of of my other drink mixes

MRM Bone Maximizer with Collagen – this is the exact same one however they altered the packaging

Post Run I believe I had the usual breakfast as well as then ordered Thai while meal prepping for the week.

And I ate a watermelon.

Dessert was Biscoff Crunchy Cookie Butter as well as Mint Chip Ice cream with a side of massage gun.

What I’ve been LISTENING to on the RUN

After completing A bit Life: A book by Hanya Yanagihara I needed a long time to listen to light, happy things for a while. That book is DARK. It’s well written, however I wouldn’t suggest that you checked out it. I checked out it since somebody mentioned it was their preferred book as well as I saw that it’s LONG. I needed a good, long book since I’d been going with my Audible credit histories SO quick with breezy lil novels.

So I figured I discovered the perfect next book – a long book that a well checked out person phone calls their favorite. But, it just turned out that I had to listen to story about somebody being abused their entire life FOR A long TIME.

At one point Ben told me to stop reading (I’d fill him in on the story when we’d walk together). however I figured it was about to turn around at any type of moment as well as I needed closure. I wished to understand the primary character would victory as well as whatever would be okay.

A bit Life SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t.

I’m sure it’s not just the book’s fault as well as there was most likely an regrettable combination of hormones as well as low blood sugar as well as the isolation of a around the world pandemic, however I felt unfortunate as well as weird a great deal of the time while reading it. (Okay, that makes me believe I should’ve stopped reading it. however at the time I was sure it would end up on a high note.)

My point is – after completing that book I listened to funny podcasts for a few weeks. Then, I decided I needed some light fiction to get back into books. So listened to Eliza Starts a Rumor as well as The Lion’s Den.

Eliza Starts a Rumor by Jane L Rosen – Recommend. It was a great story, well written as well as simple breezy – just what I needed.

If you like the Betch Sesh podcast – you’ll such as this book since it’s a combination of gossip as well as scandalous stories from fun young moms.

The Lion’s Den by Katherine St. John – Recommend. boa história. It’s suspenseful without being stressful (does anyone else get stressed if there are high stakes during a story?).

If you like the Juicy scoop with Heather McDonald Podcast you’ll such as this book since it reminds me of her phrase ‘hooker light’.

Now I’m listening to Applenunca é outono de Liane Moriarty. Ouvi nove estranhos perfeitos por esse autor recentemente e também não gostaram. Mas gostei de mentiras enormes, assim como ainda estou perseguindo tão alto.

Felizmente, eu realmente gosto de um adorável sotaque australiano, assim como o narrador é sempre tão agradável de ouvir, eu sempre gosto disso, independentemente da história.

Acabei de iniciar as maçãs nunca o outono, assim como relatarei com meus pensamentos.

Pergunta: O que você está ouvindo esta semana?

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